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Apr 3, 2023Liked by Christopher Lloyd

Granted, it sounds like the film is partly meant to be a character study and a kind of commentary on humanity's apocalyptic tendencies, but enough with the terrible science in science fiction films already! The film is set 40 years in the future, by which time the world has already suffered from such sea level rise that very little dry land is left- never mind that sea rise is happening much more slowly than that, and that if all the ice on earth melted, plus climate rise occurred from warming waters, the great majority of the land currently above sea level on earth would still be above sea level. So one of the film's premises is just complete bunk.

Did nobody making the film know anything about science, or did they just not care, because they liked the premise? There are other ways to portray the end-stages of civilization without crapping on scientific plausibility.

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