Combining the power to put people on edge and the classic chase shooting, “Vanquish” has its own creepy and mysterious appeal.

For moviegoers who are fans of movies with surprises, thrill, and excitement, “Vanquish” is like catnip. Confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, hero cop Damon Hickey (Morgan Freeman) is under the care of Victoria (Ruby Rose). Accompanied by her daughter young Lily, these three build a makeshift family where they all share respect and care for one another.

But beneath the surface of this lovely picture, there’s something dark. Victoria was once a drug courier and Lily is having health issues. Hickey plans to use this to his advantage.

Upon taking Lily to an unknown location, he makes a bargain with her mother. In exchange for money to pay for doctors and medicine, Victoria must make five runs to pick up profits made from drug cartels. Realizing she has no choice, she complies. She then takes off on an impressive motorcycle as her drug-running adventure begins.

Throughout the course of the evening, there’s a dark and menacing atmosphere surrounding Victoria as she moves from place to place. Facing challenges ranging from illegal drugs to gunpoint blasts, Victoria will need to put in her all if she is to survive this night, return the profits to Hickey and rescue her daughter. In the case of Lily, she must handle her own health problems as well as being held for ransom by a man who was good to her and her mother for so long without even being aware of his dark side.

You’ll be constantly on the edge of your seat as you go through Victoria’s journey through this fateful night. The loud gunshots from guns and rifles will flood your ears as their bullets slice through the air to their intended targets. Your stomach will be put to the test as you gaze upon the dead expressions and the blood on the faces and bodies of victims throughout the movie.

But your body part which will be the most tested shall be your eyes. As you observe the film move from once scene to another, pay close attention to telling details.

Morgan Freeman is known for his parts in some of the most popular movies of the early 21st century. Famous examples of his work include “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” “Dolphin Tale” and “Dolphin Tale 2,” “Now You See Me” and “Now You See Me 2,” and various Batman movies such as “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Freeman has dazzled audiences with his mysterious characters, deep voice and superb acting skills in such a light; he shall surely be remembered as a great actor for years to come.

 The director of Vanquish is George Gallo, whose past credits include “The Poison Rose,” “Middle Men,” “Columbus Circle,” and “The Comeback Trail.” Now, he has made another movie that’s sure to bedazzle audiences. Combining the power to put people on edge and the classic chase shooting, “Vanquish” has its own creepy and mysterious appeal.