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Veteran film critic, occasional raconteur, inveterate literalist. Critic and Editor at the Film Yap, newspaper expatriate, Rotten Tomatoes approved but not endorsed, appearing Fridays on FOX59.
Alec Toombs is a lifelong lover of film. He has appeared on the Grade A Movies and Popcorn Tribunal podcasts. In addition to writing for the Film Yap, Alec's cinematic exploits can be followed on Letterboxd @Toombsinator.
Carmel, Ind. resident, father, husband
Nate Richard is contributor to Film Yap and a Resource Editor for Collider. He's incredibly passionate about all things film and calls the movie theater his home away from home. He currently lives in Carmel, Indiana.
25 • Ball State University Grad • Movie Nerd and Podcast Host of the Rough Cut Retrospective • Caveat Lector
As a member of Indy’s talented writing scene, my goal is to bring more attention to the art of writing and highlight the importance of women’s voices in film journalism.
I'm a college graduate from IUPUI as of May 15th, 2021. My studies were in law, but I'm hoping to become a published author of both books and online posts.
I have been a movie critic since. I also review Blu-rays and DVDs and now post reviews at my site,, the Film Yap and Rotten Tomatoes.
Wishes he could forego sleep to watch more movies. Besides writing for the Yap, Andy co-hosts the Odd Trilogies podcast. Follow his film habits on Letterboxd @Dandible.
Freelance Writer out of Indianapolis. Film Yap writer since 2017. Whether it's films or television, I'm always down to watch!
Self-proclaimed movie nerd
DC Bolling has always been a film fan since day 1. Whether in theaters or at home, he talks about them whenever the chance, writing reviews for his blog DC's Take and The Film Yap.
Currently a senior English Major at IUPUI, aspiring professional writer, and film fan.